Volvo Penta unveils future concept of Boating for everyone

Jan 7, 2023

By Sydney Boating team

Under the headline ‘Boating for everyone’, Volvo Penta will use this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to imagine a brave new world for exploring and experiencing life on the water built around accessibility for all. Through an immersive and visionary exhibit, visitors can get an exclusive look at how the company imagines the boating experience of tomorrow. Volvo Penta aims to kickstart a dialogue with CES attendees and online boating audiences on how to evolve boating together.

olvo Penta is joining the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) live for the first time in 2023 and premiering a future-focused universe, where it will present ground-breaking thinking around a potential new leisure boating experience. This future boating experience will be more open and accessible than ever, designed to heighten people’s emotional connection with the water and simultaneously advance sustainability.

Innovation is embedded in the DNA of Volvo Penta and the company has harnessed this with fast-moving technological advances to create a potential vision for the future that goes way beyond anything previously seen in the marine segment. As such, the company has elected to present it for the first time at the world’s most prestigious technology show, CES, which is the ideal platform to share its holistic re-imagining of how tomorrow’s leisure boating experience can be completely transformed.

The concept is the result of imaginative brainpower from a team at Volvo Penta comprising strategists, business development leaders, digital and service experts, as well as technology designers and engineers, all working in collaboration with colleagues from across the wider Volvo Group.

Johan Inden, president of Volvo Penta’s global marine business, said CES 2023 is the perfect environment to showcase the company’s look to the future.

“Being on the water develops incredible emotional connections in people. It’s difficult to convey the true experience and enjoyment you get from exploring, seeking out new adventures or spending time there with friends and loved ones. With this new concept, we want to take this further and make it available to a wider population: Boating for everyone.

“To re-imagine boating and elevate it, we must remove all conventional boundaries and completely reframe what it is. We want to challenge current thinking and be challenged ourselves. Our concept is designed to spark a dialogue, and we look forward to discussing it at CES. How can we make boating more accessible — to anyone who wants to enjoy it? How can we build a boating universe with unlimited ways to explore and enjoy our waters, while at the same time protecting them? These are exciting questions and we’re at the start of our journey to lead the discussion together with our customers and partners.”

A future that enables Boating for everyone

The evolution of ease

To open the world of boating to a much wider audience, it must become easier. From selecting the boating experience to greater on-board assistance, there are substantial opportunities to change and simplify the ways things are done, built around an easier customer experience with wider appeal.

An experience designed around you

In the future, Volvo Penta believes that how and why people boat will change, with a more human-centric approach elevating the experience and new technology and business models making it more accessible. Individually tailored experiences offer stronger emotional connections and greater scope for reaching new levels of enjoyment. As part of this, the new customer experience must embrace less experienced boaters and new entrants. For both first-time boaters and highly skilled enthusiasts, there is a need to create a more personalized experience.

Sustainable — above and below the surface

Sustainability will be essential for boating to evolve. Under a call-to-action to move ‘beyond the boat’, Volvo Penta imagines a future on water that can help protect life above and below the surface, as well as giving leisure boaters more sustainable enjoyment.

Technology evolution will be a key enabler in bringing Volvo Penta’s ‘Boating for everyone’ concept to life. Here are some highlights:




Collaborating to deliver an immersive boating experience

As part of showcasing its vision and experiences, CES 2023 is an opportunity for Volvo Penta to spark a dialogue with visitors about the future of the boating experience.

“We see unlimited potential in future boating, harnessing technological advances in AI, automation, electrification and digital experiences, plus new business models that open up accessibility. This will allow us to shape a new world of wonder and enjoyment — beyond even what we’ve seen on land,” adds Johan Inden. “There is a unique and exciting future at sea that will be more sustainable, intuitive, easy, and seamless. What we are sharing is not a ready-made blueprint for the future. It is a conceptual look at how the future could evolve — intended to spark a dialogue. Capturing feedback from CES is a key opportunity to define the future of boating, where we aim to apply this feedback directly into our R&D process.”

Volvo Penta invites as many visitors as possible to stop by the company’s booth, to share feedback and enjoy its other exhibits. In addition to imagining tomorrow’s boating, the company will show how the transformation is already taking shape today. Through an immersive virtual recreation of the near-silent cruising enjoyed aboard the hybrid-electric vessel, Kvitbjørn, CES visitors can experience what it’s like to be on this groundbreaking, hybrid-electric vessel that operates deep within the Arctic Circle. Hurtigruten Svalbard put it into commercial operation in 2022 to widespread acclaim and is offering tourists a deeper, more connected way to experience the fragile wilderness of glaciers, icebergs and Arctic desert.

Volvo Penta will be in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center — Booth 6524. For those not attending CES, updates will be posted across the company’s social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.