New Marine Enforcement Team, NSW

New Marine Enforcement Team, NSW
With the warmer months now approaching, the NSW Police Force has announced a New Marine Enforcement Team (MET). The MET is a specialist response unit that will be deployed on PWC units, to reduce marine-related crime and patrol NSW waterways.

BRP is the proud partner of the NSW Police Force for the last 8-years and the official supplier of the 14 new Sea-Doo RXT-X watercraft units to join the MET fleet in support of this initiative. Chosen explicitly due to their strong capability and versatility across all water conditions particularly offshore, the Sea-Doo RXT-X is the perfect unit to help propel the MET. “With Summer only a few weeks away, and the hot weather already here, these new PWC units will boost the capability of officers to target those that commit dangerous or anti-social activity on our waterways,” said Superintendent Mark Hutchings.

With a strong push towards water safety, the NSW Government is investing more than $140,000 in these new PWC units throughout the Summer which will be focusing on safe and responsible boating and monitoring any reckless or dangerous behaviour taking place on or near the water. “Police will be on the water throughout the season to enforce maritime laws, conduct random breath and drugs test, carry out safety checks on vessels, check boat licences, and ensure any other PWC riders enjoy the sport safely,” Supt Huctings said.

BRP will continue working with the NSW Police Force to educate PWC riders on the importance of responsible riding and abiding by state laws.

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