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LifeTec are the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the leading manufacturer of Rescue Training Dummies in Europe for the past 30 years – Ruth Lee Ltd.

This rescue training dummy range has evolved after years of research and product development, to offer an extremely durable rescue dummy that can safely be used in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers – and at a reasonable cost.

Used in Australia by Fire, State Emergency Services, Rural Fire, Electricity Utilities, Military, Surf Life Saving, Ambulance, Industry, Training companies – and all other emergency services Worldwide.

Our rescue training dummies are perfect for simulating rescues from fire, height, confined spaces, static and fast flowing water or extrication from vehicles and collapsed buildings – the limit is your imagination. Of particular interest to the boating community is our Water Rescue Dummy

The Water Rescue dummy evolved from a collaborative development with recognised rescue professionals including the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and the British Navy. It is unique in realistically simulating an unconscious casualty in the water, providing a challenging weight to haul out, and yet be light enough, when dry, to manoeuvre.

Now used by NATO and US Navies, Coastguard and Lifeboat crews, Surf Life Saving Clubs, Emergency Services and water rescue agencies around the world.

Although the construction of the Water Rescue dummy is similar in principle to our other dummies, the key difference is the use of tough nylon open mesh for the body carcass. When the dummy enters the water the nylon mesh allows the water to rapidly penetrate the dummy, which results in the dummy replicating the movement, drag and weight of a real casualty in water. After a few minutes the legs of the dummy will drop below the surface, resting at an angle of about 45 degrees to the surface, with the head and shoulders above the surface. Buoyancy is provided with closed-cell foam that does not absorb water.

When retrieving the dummy the water will flood out through the nylon mesh carcass thereby presenting a challenging but manageable recovery weight. The actual weight being lifted will depend how fast the dummy is retrieved. The nylon mesh also allows better ventilation when the dummy is hung up to dry. The protective polyurethane coated polyester overalls, reinforced with high-density polypropylene webbing in identified high stress areas, help keep the dummy clean and increase the lifespan of the dummy.

The overalls have pockets that enable additional buoyancy or weight to be added to alter the dummy’s height position in the water.

The Water Rescue dummies can be supplied in two versions:

Both models are available as adult 40kg and youth 20kg versions (dry weight).

The Water Rescue dummy also has a ‘wrist’ that allows a rescuer to grasp the wrist as they may with a real casualty when in the water.

A unique feature of the Water Rescue dummy is the strong plastic strips that run internally along the back from the shoulder area to the knee joint, these strips allow forward flexibility in and out of the water, but do not allow the dummy to bend in half when the patient is lifted from the front – as in a real casualty. This modification also facilitates easier rescues using stretchers or specialised recovery devices.

All water rescue training dummies are supplied complete with gum boots with drain holes; the boots greatly protect the legs if the dummy is dragged along the over the beach or rocks, and are replaceable if badly damaged.

A lifting loop at the back of the shoulders can be used to place or lift the dummy, and for hanging it up to dry.

For alternative rescue scenarios where the patient is basically uninjured and well, such as Man Overboard from a yacht or IRB rescues or racing, see our Conscious Casualty dummy

The Water Rescue dummies, which are used extensively by the military, have been issued with NATO Stock Numbers.

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