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Does Sydney Boating supply insurance coverage to people living in other States?

Yes, we are national distributors and can supply insurance to people living in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, NT, ACT and Tasmania.



Club Marine Assist

Insuring your boat with Club Marine entitles you to access a range of free and exclusive membership benefits, including our exciting new service call Club Marine Assist

  • Member Assist
  • Personal Assist
  • Vechicle Assist
  • Trailer Assist


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Club Marine Insurance - Online Quote Australia

Club Marine Insurance Australia

Club Marine has over 40 years experience as Australia's market leader in boat insurance cover.Club Marine Online

Club Marine offers boat owners and their families an intergrated range of insurance solutions designed to protect your boating lifestyle and maximise your enjoyment on the water.

Club Marine Insurance is always there for the Australian boat owner, regardless or whether you own a tinne or a superyacht. We believe boating should be easy, fun and safe for everyone.

Club Marine is backed by the financial strength and experience of the global Aliianz Group, one of the largest financial services providers in the world. With branches across Australia and New Zealand, Club Marine is an agent of Aliianz Australia Insurance Limited.

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Why Insure with Club Marine Insurance?

Club Marine Insurance

  • Market leading cover for accidental loss or damage to your boat
  • Accidental loss, damage, fire and/or explosion and theft to your boat
  • Cover for liability to other people, including death or injury, and damage to their property
  • Club Marine Assist - 24 hour emergency assistance and personal service on and off the water.
  • Choose between agreed or market value policies if your boat is less than 20 years old
  • Cover for the discharge and escape of fuel, lubricant and sewage from holding tanks on your boat of up to $500,000
  • Unique $50,000 bodily injury cover for the named insured
  • Comprehensive cover for your personal effects, fishing gear, water ski and dive equipment, and tools
  • Automatic cover afloat up to 250nm off Australian mainland, Tasmanian and NZ coast
  • Cover for social yacht racing and time trials
  • Access to our national network of over 700 agents and professional repairers to help get you back on the water faster
  • 12 month subscription to Club Marine Magazine - Australasia's largest selling marine lifestyle magazine
  • Insurance on PWC watercraft over 60 knots* please contact us for pwc insurance quote

Its your choice of insurance:

  • Agreed value or market value insurance policy
  • Flexible cover up to $30,000,000 for liability to other parties including personal injury
  • Variable apportioned excess options
  • Optional extended cover for waterskiing, competitive yacht racing, international and blue water cruising, builders and transit risks, charter and commercial use

boat insurance discounts:

  • Generous Lay-up Discount - don't plan on using your boat every month? Be rewarded by a discount of up to 60%
  • No Claims Bonus -join the Club and be immediately rewarded with a maximum No Claim Bonus of 25%
  • Protection points accumulate each year to reward your good claims history
  • Exclusive Club Marine Card scheme provides benefits on repairs and maintenance of your boat

Club Marine Insurance PDS - Product Disclosure Statement

We recommend you read and fully understand the terms and conditions set out in our policy wording and Product Disclosure Statement prior to purchasing this product.

PDF Attachment Club Marine Insurance - Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document (PDF, 395KB)