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Tidal Predictions for Sydney Harbour




New tide tables for safe boating preparation and planning now available:



Tidal predictions are calculated by the National Tidal Centre of Australia from daily tide recordings made at Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour.

Tide heights refer to zero on the Fort Denison Tide Gauge, being approximately the level of the Lowest Astronomical Tide.

All times stated are Eastern Standard Time. When Daylight Saving Time is in force, add one hour.

Tide heights are quoted in metres. As predictions are for average meteorological conditions, the actual tides may differ from those predicted. Tide heights of 1.7 metres or more, and 0.3 metres or less, are highlighted for trip planning and risk awareness.

Users of these tables should be aware that the heights shown in this publication are predictions only and that the actual water level height may vary due to meteorological conditions (including barometric pressure, wind effect and storm surges) and seasonal variations.