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Mike Adams is the sales and marine insurance manager for Sydney Boating. With many years of successful marine industry sales experience, Mike is here to help you market your boat correctly though our online sales network.

Mike also gained accreditation in the commercial maritime industry with many years at sea mastering commerical vessels, which allowed him to gain a Master Class 4 offshore certification. He has also worked as a Chief Engineer on sea-going ships in Europe and Australia, and has been lucky enough to see some incredible places along the way.


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Boat Brokers with Expertise and Experience

Sydney Boating has been successfully selling boats and yachts online for our clients since 2008. Our vast experience and knowledge in the marine industry and expertise in boat sales is why we have succeeded in the marketplace Today. The brokerage team are service oriented and have accrued a large database of boat owners over the years.

Our boat sales principle is simple, straightforward and easy for boat owners to work with. We are committed to selling your boat in a professional manner and exceeding your expectations.

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We accept Private Luxury boats and Commercial vessels which are kept in very good to immaculate condition.

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