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Topsail InsuranceTopsail Insurance - Bluewater Cruising Yacht Insurance

Topsail Insurance provides agreed value cover for yachts, motorboats and small craft for inland, coastal and blue water cruising. Operating from its offices in Perth, Sydney and UK it has been providing boat insurance and yacht travel insurance for nearly 25 years. We know the importance of looking after our customers and pride ourselves on the exceptional level of service and claims support that we provide.

  • As Lloyd’s Coverholders you know that you are in safe and trusted hands when it comes to looking after you and your boat.
  • Yachts
  • Motorboats
  • Small craft (runabouts and trailer sailers)
  • Coastal waters
  • Australian waters up to 250nm
  • Full offshore cruising
  • Lloyd’s Underwriters
  • All Risk policy
  • Agreed value policy
  • A$10,000,000 third party liability Excess
  • Waiver option (no excess)
  • Up to 25% No claims bonus Cruising in most parts of the World Yachtsman’s
  • Travel insurance is available separately
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